The Handyman / “L’homme à tout faire” (1980) (Dubbed into English)

6 comments on “The Handyman / “L’homme à tout faire” (1980) (Dubbed into English)

  1. bobettier says:

    142 maudites tapettes saw this.

  2. Sam Mullins says:

    Religions fail me so much, it is difficult to remember the nice hand-me-downs.

  3. This was a really dumb movie, I mean the dude just don't know how to use his tool. she keeps trying to give it and he won't take it, Mom was laughing, because he probably gave it to the Mom and she realized dude could only get it up for gilfs

  4. Daniel Caron says:

    I watched this because I want to learn carpentry.

    It is a sad movie.

    The husband was a selfish narcissist.

    The wife was a lonely wife.

    The handyman was skilled, but could not charge money.
    He also did not ask the woman to go with him.

    Of course adultery just hurts everyone.


    I would not have asked a roommate to wake me up.

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