THE DAILY DRIVE with Flash. So you want to be a Handyman?

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  1. Joshua Garza says:

    I wish I could be a handiman. I just don't know anything about anything and I'm afraid to put my hands on something and make it worse.. Any advice?

  2. Hey flash, where do you do business?

  3. Ryan Carr says:

    Hi Flash! Some good insight on a topic that's become more and more interesting to me. If I could, I'd love to ask a few questions about getting started. I visited the UHA website, but the "contact" section is an email for membership. Thanks for the video and have a great day

  4. Hi i am new at this. Thank you for makeing a video it was a big help to me

  5. Insightful—thanks for sharing.

  6. Scottland B says:

    Three questions which will probably result in long answers?

    1) Do you bid the job or charge hourly?
    2) How do you prepare for the future? healthcare? retirement? pension? etc.
    3) And finally, how do you decide if a job is too large for "handyman services" or if you are not comfortable with a specific project? What is a handymans no can do point? Do you subcontract a job if you feel it is beyond ones skills, seeing you have a contractors lic?

  7. Dave Overbey says:

    I did a lot of handyman service & did good working for myself but if you decide to work for a handyman service, forget it! I did a house that they lived on a golf court. The upstairs bathroom tub over flowed & leaked into the bath house in the basement & all the damage was in the bathroom & not the entire basement finish out. However they ripped off the insurance co & got them to pay for the entire basement dry wall, mud, n tape & paint job of the walls, ceilings & trim & this was a big job as had many rooms, I gave them a color chart for the colors to choose from & stain for any wood or trim etc & had them write down the room & color no.# chosen for each so to get the right colors chosen. I worked 10 to 12 + hours a day for nearly two weeks. When finished I was told they did not like the colors they chose. I told them I'd do it again if they pay me again to do it. Well they made the check out to Handyman connection & they hold the money for like two weeks to clear satisfaction of customer before I get paid They told me I need to repaint everything a new color as the lady doe's not like the colors she chose I told them I'd be glad to paint it again if she so pays me again. They told me no & that it's about customer satisfaction first & I disagreed & they terminated me! In other words they are telling me I would have to keep painting until she's happy with the color The same when I worked for Andy on call & mind you I had to do the bidding, the driving at my expense & my vehicle & tools & they run an ad for me under there name but take half the money. L.O.L I had a bid accepted & I drove nearly 80 miles one way to repair broken tile on a kitchen floor. My work truck was equipped for most anything & prepared to begin immediately. I gave him a fair bid he excepted It was like to replace about 7 or 8 tiles. I had to drive to Lows & purchase them & come back about 8 miles or so round trip. When I began removing one of the broken tiles & discovered why they broke in the first place is they had no concrete board of sort underlay! I informed the home owner I can't fix it right with out total removal & replacement to include under-lament installation. He got loud & upset & screamed all he wants me to do is what he asked me to do as he plans on selling his house in a week or two! I told him I would do it if he signs off on it that I advised him what he needed to do & & chose not to do. he did sign off what I implicated him to do on his contract & I stated in writing of the contract I would not be responsible for further tile damage or breakage! I was paid a check to the handyman co & before the two weeks a few more tiles broke & I was not paid for I was informed I should not have done it regardless what he wanted & so I'd of been just out of a day's time, nearly 200 miles round trip driving to & fro, wear & tear on my truck which by the way I got only like 12 to 14 miles per gallon as it was a heavy duty truck I owned! It was enough that they sent me on jobs all the time way out to no where on bids I might get & might not & I'd bid low just so to get the jobs as many jobs are not excepted as more so they waste my time! This is the reason I would stock my truck full for most common repairs to even include the tub saw. Now I had both these contracts in writing signed sealed & delivered with proof of home owners demand covering my self & yet the Handyman service did not back me up! Just be insured & do your own business & get most or all money up front! Be licensed & good luck!

  8. 8digitPDX says:

    I would make more if I worked harder, but one thing that is certain is that you won't work your ass off AND go broke. Contractors can get into this adversarial thing with clients, especially real estate pros and some bigger fish can take them down and take it all.

  9. Jarid Shaw says:

    Love the video. Where/where are some resources for getting a license/insurance/certification?

  10. Hello Flash.

    Great , informative video. You seem like a nice guy and an honest person, qualities most home owners look for.
    I am currently working as a Project Manager for a construction company and usually am juggling about $20-$30 million dollars worth of work. I have been considering starting my own handyman business as the high pressure of my current job is something that is always with you. I receive approx. 120 calls a day and usually cannot keep up with all the emails and meetings.
    As I am a Carpenter and Joiner by trade and also a licenced Water Proofer, I think both these trades should help me get a start but as a father of a young family I understand that establishing a new business does take time and will at least initially miss my current salary as it has given my family a very comfortable life up until now but at the end of the day you have to enjoy what you do which this is something I have lost my passion for sometime ago.

    Anyhow, just wanted to thank you for the honest video and I wish you well.
    All the best from Australia…

  11. Daniel Villa says:

    in my state of ut there is a 1392 handyman business in a Website in local . and I'm the number one with the most 5 stars reviews. the best thing of the business is listening to the customer and do good quality in a good matter of time. I'm license and insured for 2 million dlls. get it right done it right. good luck!

  12. Tobias Hart says:

    I do appreciate the advise. Thanks

  13. Your the man !!!

    I started my handyman business at the age of 21 and it was hard but with my dad being in the business 30 years he made it more simple for me to understand. I'm 22 now and sometimes I get people to question me because they think their expecting someone older. But I go in I do my job and I make sure to do quality work all the time.

  14. I've been doing it for a few years. Thanks for the video .

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