Repairing Rotten Fascia On A House | THE HANDYMAN

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  1. This guy deserves 1mil subscribers, so the rest of us actually know to fix shit.

  2. Najib Bey says:

    where'd you get the saw?

  3. Stacey Frank says:

    Even though that home owner has been a good customer, there should be no reason to do that caliber of work for free. If you had wanted to give them a break in the overall costs, OK, but your work should always be paid, Great job.

  4. Israel Lopez says:

    LOL, Why would people give thumbs down. Anyways, keep up the good work. I wish I was as talented as you are. :/ I guess I'll be doing a lot of trial and error.. ;/

  5. nytom4info says:

    Been there.. did that… πŸ˜‰

  6. Hogman Go says:

    It looks good. But if you replace with treated wood it’s warranted against rot for 40 years.

  7. Stevey Irwin says:

    JEEEEEEEZE, the handyman? I know it was a simple job, but with those skills you should be calls the craftsman.

  8. Matt's Shop says:

    Nice mobile workshop in your trailer. Impressive!

  9. Ryan Compton says:

    You mean replacing not repairing!!

  10. You make it look so easy .
    Great job !.

  11. You are too good man. Absolutely professional..

  12. Krazy K says:

    Why don't you just put on safety glasses?

  13. Aamaal Safa says:

    That job u did how much would it cost to be done in UK contractor

  14. Kim Wal says:

    this is crazy awesome. love the truck that has everything!

  15. I wish I could work that fast!

  16. Chanel Ben says:

    Need a husband like this…
    Great work…….

  17. Elvis Leon says:

    Great Job !!!! Congratulations my friend !!!

  18. Daniel Lopez says:

    Why $0 hr.? I sure hope you got paid bro. I work part-time for a General Contractor and I've had some bad experiences when I've done some side jobs for some of his "Investor/Real Estate clients. One guy voided his written proposal and paid me WHAT HE thought was fair!! Which was less than the proposal stated. You are a very hard worker and you seem like a really nice guy. I just hope you don't get ripped off or burned. Great videos. Seen a few here and there. New Sub πŸ‘

  19. Boon Ceetiar says:

    I watch a lot of Home Improvement videos, you have some of the best. Please keep making them. I don't think I've ever asked anyone to keep doing what they do, but you deserve to be the first.

  20. aeridyne says:

    Did you caulk behind that metal you put up? It doesn't go behind anything to prevent water from getting behind it?

  21. Could you give a link for the review on the paint sprayer? I'm looking at these know and would like to see what your thoughts were.

  22. 1nicoleblack says:

    I am absolutely ADDICTED to your videos… You have some serious skills my friend!

  23. prreed34 says:

    question why did you put flashing on the 90 of the facia board? never seen that done before…great videos

  24. handyman are they going to let you fix the cause of the rot, or just what the result of the rot, aka what your doing now on this video!!??Old One Legged Joseph T

  25. koskey06 says:

    Those pry bars "mine is a little diff shape" are one of my favorite tools. They make demo much easier. Can do the job of a 10lb crowbar with less damage to other things.

  26. wrong name,your not Tom but the question isvalid. What were your initial marketing efforts.

  27. Tom I am still new to marketing this handyman stuff. There is a lot of services out there that sell leads. My fear is I spend $16 fora lead, see the prospect and they don't hire me,that money is gone.Initially what were your marketing efforts?I am in Shreveport,LA now.

  28. ash27791 says:

    Thumbs up, my friend

  29. ATXGearhead says:

    is it me or is it quieter this vid?

  30. David FP says:

    I have the Hitachi 6 1/2 circ saw, best handyman tool i think i have. 1 4Amp lithium battery will knock out most projects, including the remaining 20-25 feet of a 7 foot privacy fence. Lithium is hands down the only way to go, for distance.

  31. apex says:

    I didn't understand. You did this for free or as part of a bigger job?

  32. Aaron Savage says:

    Was there something wrong with the fascia and soffit in the rest of the house coukdent tell in the video

  33. gilerolero says:

    You deserve a lot of thumbs up! πŸ™‚

  34. Nice repair on that facia partner. Hopefully you get the other gig and we'll get to see that job also. That sprayer could've come in handy last week when I refinished a customer's sun-beaten front door. Keep the videos coming partner, especially this weekend so I can pass the time while the approaching hurricane passes thru South Texas. I won't be firing up the BBQ pit this weekend….

  35. Good job, looking forward to that big one! Good luckπŸ‘

  36. I'm Interested in starting my own handyman service. I do building maintenance now. You got any advice for starting up?

  37. Scott E says:

    Are you wearing socks with thongs? (Aussies call them thongs, or safety boots…, aka flip flops)

  38. Dean no says:

    Great video as usual, did you film the enamel painting of the cabinets?

  39. jimmyh1983 says:

    Do you have to be licensed of some sort where you are to do these different types of trades…i.e. electrical or plumbing or anything else?

  40. Linn says:

    Would be nice if you could show your own house if you have done something to it! πŸ™‚

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