James Taylor : Handy Man

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  1. A really class tune reminds me of happy days when I was a young lad. Beautiful

  2. Marcaram épocas que não voltam mais essa é só pra quem conhece

  3. Alex James says:

    Check out Duanes version from what's happening… 😎 much better!

  4. John Henry says:

    Reminds me of my older sister shed babysit me and my little sister and this was one of the songs that sticks in my head…still remember her playing it on our parents record player.

  5. Dang Richard, Sorry to hear that man! such a great song though

  6. Dang Richard, Sorry to hear that man! such a great song though

  7. SouffBeac says:

    No other handy man in life, U we're my handy man & I miss u ssoo much!!!

  8. Bella Dona says:

    Reminds me of my momma

  9. Why cant people just enjoy the song? Nobody wants to hear about your dead relatives! We've all lost somebody, but don't poison somebody else enjoying the song by adding your sad spin to it. You don't have to always make it about you.

  10. Comma comma comma comma oh ya yaaaa ya ya

  11. Love the message, it's my general attitude with romantic relationships.

  12. essa e do túnel do tempo

  13. Jihwa Kim says:

    l heard that when l was little girl. Now still love this song. ♡

  14. tempoque não voltam mais

  15. muitas recordações boas tempos que não voltam mais

  16. Mark Mains says:

    Sorry girls..listen again. "Handy Man" lyrics ..cumma cumma cum cum". What do you think he means? I whisper sweet things, you tell all your friends….They'll come running to me. I get it, I loved it as a kid. Then I listened again. Up to you to decide….

  17. Those backup singers are beautiful

  18. ชอบฟังมากแต่ไม่เข้าใจ

  19. Brings back good memories of the 1970's.

  20. Love his music took my mom to see him for her Birthday but this song will always be my favorite song of his

  21. Casey Powell says:

    if I don't get my handyman soon….. oh we'll. fuck this. ppl trip on karma? karma a punk. mother nature is a beast. she fights like a man.

  22. como é bom ouvir uma boa música, não essas músicas de hj!

  23. Essa música traz boas lembranças

  24. this song still gives me chills

  25. I have a CD collection of James. All nice and hit songs but "Handy Man" is my favorite among others. Also, DJ's favorite in my tuned in station "light rock", where I'm glued listening to.

  26. claudir pja says:

    lindas recordações essa musica me traz

  27. thats meee, I'm your handyman…so cute!

  28. Ronmar Milan says:

    i like this song, i love it very nice..

  29. Handy man.

  30. Até o coração para de bater pra não atrapalhar pra ouvir essa música linda demais não me canso de ouvir linda 👏👏👏👌👌👌💖😍😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶🎤🎶😉😉💟

  31. Discovered this a decade ago thanks to the overlooked '80s movie Smooth Talk with Laura Dern. Love it.

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