9 comments on “HOW TO MAKE $270 PER HOUR AS A HANDYMAN

  1. You aint making that in Detroit.

  2. Is just 165.00 to do the service here in Arizona and california

  3. if you have to pay 270 an hour… big heads up to find a new "cheaper" handyman

  4. Hi , I like your videos very entertaining and useful .

    any advice you can give me I have minimal handyman skills or I can say basic but I'd like to start my own handyman business. You see, my parents use to manage apartments when I was a kid I would help my dad turning over the apartment or remodeling it. any advice you can give me a Headstart or point me into the right direction

  5. dang! takes me a day to make that kind of money as a handyman…must be my hairline, lol

  6. Mopardude says:

    How did you get into the handyman business?

  7. I always hated swamp coolers when I lived in West Texas. They're not usable in East Texas where I live now. Do you have a minimum charge for every job? I've tried to get away from charging hourly, and only do per job. Curious about what works for you. Also, camera/mic setup?

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