Handyman Tip – “Car Air Freshener”

34 comments on “Handyman Tip – “Car Air Freshener”

  1. Jeckyll859 says:

    The "Possum Van" LMAO!

  2. Used to watch in Maine, MPBN…
    Wish I could see it again here in Alabama…

  3. So nice videos! please keep upload them. they're so funny for me as a handyman, and seeing people actually doing stuff from here in real life. :)))

  4. only257 says:


  5. Kenny B says:

    So remember if the women don't find you handsome then they should find you handy………

  6. starts it up, key falls out lol

  7. Charger Dave says:

    it's my birthday… any recommendations?

  8. I am so amazed. I use to watch red green with my grandpa as a kid all the time with him. I can't believe your still making videos this is awesome. I can't wait to go to one of your live shows.

  9. NinjaMan MrC says:

    Man i loved watching this when i was younger. No idea if it even still airs. I especially loved the silly skits he did when fixing things, the interactions with Carl, and that astronomy guy who would talk about where the constellation would be. Loved it all

  10. Red Green Show is actually coming to my town this fall. See you October 9th! Woo!

  11. I watched and loved your show years ago, it is great to see you again on youtube. Thumbs up and subscribed!

  12. I love your shows Red Green hope god bless you many more years and I can catch you performing in Alberta Calgary again, take it easy

  13. Hmm, now that is one handy dandy trick he gots thereπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘

  14. Yay a new one! Bless you Mr Green!

  15. Kameron Gard says:

    Keep the videos coming !

  16. Travis Plume says:

    Frederick, Maryland is 30 minutes away from me.

  17. I started watching you while I was in sixth grade about 20 years ago. I don't suppose Texas is on the list. @redgreentv

  18. huyked says:

    Hahaha! That scent rolodex! xD

  19. Matt Mccoy says:

    just discovered this guy today

  20. Jord A. says:

    come to the Saskatchewan…it is nice….for 5 months mostly.

  21. Daniel Brant says:

    And just taking the garbage out of the Possum Van was just too much effort… why?

  22. Frederick, MD?!! I live in Frederick Maryland! Hope you see you! 🍻

  23. LarryFly says:

    No you may not help me fix my car

  24. Harold is luck. i wish he was my uncle.

  25. KonaMark says:

    Κ»If I was sensitive, IΚ»d be incredibly depressed".

  26. Chris Linder says:

    i like that fishing vest

  27. DEVMAR 3815 says:

    Will this work for that 2 week old stale fart that's trapped in your seat so every time you sit you catch the aroma

  28. Ol James says:

    ..i know several who could use a portable unit mounted around their waist…!!

  29. motroit87 says:

    'Cars smell good the way they are" – Frampa

  30. E Johnson says:

    Could use this on my bus when the people who have quite an oder about them

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