“Handyman Fantasies” – AVERAGE JOE

19 comments on ““Handyman Fantasies” – AVERAGE JOE

  1. Thomas Baker says:

    These vids are a cringe fest and I love it


  3. Sorry I'm new but is it really true that Joe and Andy are related? They hang out a lot. Sorry, I probably sound stupid xD

  4. Ava witmer says:

    Me and my sister saw you in kohls and we started fangirling

  5. When he hit his thumb with the hammer XD oh my Jinxx XD

  6. uchiha guy says:

    comedy gold as always

  7. Cayden Lewis says:

    Looks like the "Handy"man is from the "Hard" ware store

  8. OLD CHANNEL says:

    Great video guys 😀

  9. Loni B says:

    lmao I love this AVJ short!! hilarious as always!! <3

  10. I swear to God I admire the balls on Joe to go after any girl he feels compelled to approach. Lord knows I'm too chicken shit to even say hello!

  11. Seriously though.. Who has a completely glass front door?????

  12. It appears the audio is not synchronized with the video for me is it that way for anyone else?

  13. fearevil1 says:

    such a amazing series

  14. Kill Me says:

    I've been waiting for this

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