Handyman Corner – Perpetual Machine

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  1. Jon Schwartz says:

    This isn't perpetual motion. It's taking in sunlight as energy to grow the corn.

  2. At least it is an open system.

  3. ChesterKhan says:

    This was a good way to end the series.

  4. Tracy Humes says:

    Red don't feel bad I have a high school diploma but I didn't pay attention in school my mind was what I wanted to do when I got out before graduation I've never been married but I had a mother who told me that if I keep doing the things I'm doing I'm going to wind up in the hospital or dead so I'm still here so I guess building stuff that was dangerous didn't kill me

  5. Alan Brown says:

    yes you married folks know about "a long, looonng time". that's why men don't mind dying after many years of marriage they're ready for some relief, any kind of relief

  6. uhadme says:

    buoyancy up thrust and gravity down force… those energies are 24/7.
    1 gallon air bag will lift 10 pounds of weight. 1 gallon of water only weighs 8.33 pounds.
    nearly 2 pounds of lift per gallon advantage. set weights rising and falling under water.. like a windmill farm.. but use sunken ships (so one is always generating electricity/falling)

  7. Mark Brandt says:

    at least he'll only have to start it once

  8. FrankenP says:

    The mower needed the blade to start. Some mower flywheels will not run w/o a blade which adds more effective flywheel weight/momentum.

  9. I'm gonna use this to make my own still.

  10. Les Mcc says:

    did it ever start?

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