Handyman Corner “Oil Change”

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  1. 758 people have never worked on a pos car!!

  2. Zaid Mousa says:

    That's strange. Don't look right. I take my car always for oil change at wallmart. They never took the engine out. What I'm missing here?

  3. Glad that laugh track is there so i know whats funny or not!

  4. PMC PMC says:

    I think this is the Pep Boys orientation training video.

  5. Jason Rogers says:

    Hey San Angelo airgas is this how y'all check bottles?

  6. I think this is when he started to use his more gruff voice XD

  7. alex schinke says:

    This is how 50% of the how to videos are on YouTube

  8. hokiepokie says:

    You can tell you did that take, a couple of times.
    You dropped a shitload of oil into the soil.
    And now your grandbabies are going to be born naked!

  9. Normally I just put the garden hose in the oil cap hole and since water and oil don't mix,all the old oil floats right out of the engine.Just siphon out the excess water and replace with whatever kind of oil your wife has around in the kitchen.I prefer to use extra virgin olive oil to keep it running healthy,with a cup of bacon grease for that good smelling exhaust.

  10. l l says:

    instructions unclear, I got my penis stuck in the neighbor's cat's asshole

  11. Chris Fast says:

    the dislikes are from those who have no sense of humor!!!

  12. Tim Danby says:

    Grahame Greene who played the Medicine Man in Dances with Wolves played the demolition explosives guy on the Red Green Show.Love every episode he was in.

  13. JaDo Steele says:

    So glad I found this series. I'd never heard of it before, this guy is hilarious! Plus, he really knows what he's doing!! lol. Very few people know how to properly swing a sledgehammer like that. And even fewer know how to use one to properly adjust the height of a vehicle! lol

  14. These guys were certifiable. Loved watching it!

  15. don't try this at home 😂😂

  16. Ooops! didn't know that LOL..but alot Americans think like this guy..LOL..I thought he was in Minnesota or Wisconsin..You have a pleasant GOD BLESS AMERICA! Fourth of July!

  17. that car was nice thoo

  18. I loved watching these growing up 😃👍


  19. Regis Riley says:

    So I did try this method in my Nissan Maxima but it didn't work I need further instructions….

  20. dang did that to a nice Gbody grand prix

  21. I didn't remember seeing this until the oil dripped out, than I had flashbacks to watching the whole episode 20 years ago

  22. how SUBURU owners swap a motor

  23. Joe Average says:

    This is still on late-night on a PBS station near me. Really takes me back to watching it with my grandpa (he refused to upgrade from antenna for years) when I was a kid. A classic show and I'm pleased to see it's still remembered, and fondly.
    Reminds me heavily of AvE; I suppose everyone in Canuckistan is a similar sort of delightful quirky.

  24. I know this guy! He works at jiffy lube!

  25. Kenny K says:

    THIS isn't funny at all?

  26. Freedom Noey says:

    come to Texas man Bryan Texas to be exact

  27. Aa says:

    Jesus son , never stand under a hoist or lift!

  28. First Last says:

    This was actually more helpful than the real videos cause i can see whats going on under neath the car.

  29. I like the comedy and dislike possum lodge. Boys are better off in church.

  30. Jim Bob says:

    Why The Hell Was This In My Recommends

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