Handyman Corner – Log Splitter

25 comments on “Handyman Corner – Log Splitter

  1. It's strange how he hasn't been brutally killed by one of these absurd contraptions!

  2. well it worked for the first minute or so

  3. Erik Pradia says:


  4. Tim Danby says:

    Hey,don't knock it,a lot of this stuff actually works,and they're great!

  5. Tim Danby says:

    Can't believe someone took the time to come up with this stuff.No,wait a minute,it's the Red Green Show,of course this stuff is around!

  6. worse part is it works lol

  7. Thomas L says:

    the people who give any of these videos a thumbs down are the ones who support KILLARY.

  8. AliasSLH says:

    dislikes are terrorists

  9. that's an engine block. where is the flywheel, head, etc?

  10. Alex Venegas says:

    Lmao where does he come up with this. 😂 such a creative mind

  11. He's from Whoville, looks just like a contraption from The Grinch That Stole Christmas.

  12. Birth rates going down since we are all broke and cant afford rent and hydro but don't worry. Our PM is going to let in a tidal wave of unskilled refugees that love to do nothing but beat their wives and leech of the system.  No help there.

  13. VITIX says:

    One of the BEST Canadian comedies ever! Okay probably the BEST!

  14. I know a good and cheap log splitter, a San Francisco buttfucker.

  15. smcic says:

    That'll never work

  16. Red Green trying to show you how to make a log splitter.

  17. PCB. It been ilegal since 1979. Gives cancer. No smell. Be safe

  18. Joel LeRue says:

    All the kids are in the house playing on the iPad lol

  19. Joe Stender says:

    I'm going to try building one! Lol

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