Handyman Corner “Forklift”

28 comments on “Handyman Corner “Forklift”

  1. BondoFox says:

    First one I ever saw, so happy I found it!

  2. rein1705 says:

    "climbing up a ladder with 150lbs on my back is the reason middle aged guys don't elope, but an extension ladder is still a big part of my plan! " LMAO

  3. Couldn't u just get a freind and carry it up the stairs

  4. John Bango says:

    WTF, 30 gave this vid a thumbs down? Are they left wing commy pinkos? What is wrong with them?

  5. don't dig for water under the outhouse.

  6. Randy Velez says:

    you sir are my hero😂

  7. I actually have a friend who'sk late father made something like this once. key words are late and once.

  8. Doug Ingraca says:

    That was actually kind of a cool idea. It reminds me of junkyard wars.

  9. jigc23 says:

    "if women don't find you handsome at least they find you handy"

  10. Fred Lotz says:

    Damn skies were way to long anyway

  11. Geek37 says:

    This could work…

  12. Tan Tan says:

    The humor is wonderful. The fake laughing….. not so much.

  13. wvben says:

    Redneck forklift.

  14. Aaron Harris says:

    that was so fucking hilarious when he finally got the fucking stove up to the fucking balcony

  15. cut out the laugh track PLEASE!

  16. qcn_ cummins says:

    If you carry that out right it will work!

  17. Ken Jett says:

    I always loved watching Red

  18. R C Nelson says:

    Red Green clearly knew about the "ladder" days.

  19. I remember the rig being created using the van. I don't remember the need for ballast either. Was there another version?

  20. Jeff Jones says:

    I love the way he gets Ski`s involved in some of his `projects` and always shortens them by whacking them on the car lol

  21. If I had a nickel for ever drainage ditch , sand trap or swimming pool this thing has pulled me out of those lawsuits would settle themselves. Genius

  22. that's some mighty nice tire tread on your truck??? Kinda out of character….eh????

  23. bob a says:

    Wish this show was still on !!!

  24. fung whyou says:

    Those stoves are heavy but that is what pully&tackle are for very funny as always

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