Handyman Corner “Cadillac Backhoe”

29 comments on “Handyman Corner “Cadillac Backhoe”

  1. "In my experience, there are two ways to keep legs open, child birth and a thigh master."

  2. rein1705 says:

    This is crafting in Fallout 4

  3. raydunakin says:

    Great stuff! I don't know how he comes up with these things… he's kind of a backwoods Rube Goldberg.

  4. Steve Davis says:

    i am a man, but i can change if i have to i guess. ;D!

  5. Another video.
    Cadillac backhoe.
    watches video

  6. Lee Hunter says:

    why did this show have to end?

  7. Who wonders how much the duct tape cost is per show

  8. Thomas L says:

    i can't stop watching these videos lol

  9. wise1 says:

    best one yet, thanks for the laughs!

  10. Jay Athey says:

    pure comedy…♡ it

  11. this guy with the hammer lol

  12. Kent Bullard says:

    Pure engineering genius. Wish I had thought of that.

  13. I've never seen this funny lol

  14. This is a actually a really cool idea

  15. i watched this with my three year old and he understood it . . . hmmm . . . . only now i have found myself converting my caddy into a backhoe . . . . .     :*

  16. Anas Alami says:

    I fucking love this man XD

  17. not the back hoe the front hoe lol

  18. Hahodi d says:

    I'm building this and posting it and it's gonna be fun.

  19. kdmq says:

    0:41 You have no problems with your fuel pump

  20. indyme2 says:

    Cracking me up! Love your videos.

  21. I wish my in-laws would stop stealing my dirt…

  22. "In my experience, there's only two things that keep legs open: childbirth and a Thighmaster. You rich people probably know another one."

  23. I want that Cadillac. Back when they made proper vehicles.

  24. AMAZING….. where can I get one? NOT !!!!

  25. who would've thunk it………i learn alot from Red…lol

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