Handyman Corner – 4 Station Woodshop

11 comments on “Handyman Corner – 4 Station Woodshop

  1. Ryan Neufeld says:

    Like it love it must have it goes through my mind when i want to buy something really bad such as a hot ass blonde promo model selling beer & pizza speaking of which whatever happened to Melissa DiMarco as Deputy Dawn in Ducttape Forever? She was so sexy that she could've sold bags of ice in a black bikini to a Eskimo! LOL ;P XOT

  2. Dano Kerr says:

    still better than duck dynasty

  3. AliasSLH says:

    disslikes are terrorists

  4. So this is where duck dynasty got the idea..

  5. surprised you still have all of your fingers

  6. C5 CHUECO says:

    this guy goes through cars like crazy I wonder how many cars he has trashed but man he is funny

  7. that bronco is so rusty

  8. This is simultaneously one of the most awesome and
    dangerous things I've seen! 😉

  9. Tommy Baxter says:

    I'd still drive that bronco

  10. What wonderful videos was born in 96 and never heard of this show until a few days ago on YouTube when this show was on TV was it as short as is it is on here?

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