DIY Hacks – 8 money saving handyman and woodworking hacks

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  1. Xyz Same says:

    Hi, good really practical tips, and text well prepared. – However, I found the background music somewhat distracting (A little bit too loud). I saw other commenters liked the type of music, well I could do well with the pure Izzy. – anyway just my 2 cts, thanks for posting the vid

  2. Terry Martin says:

    lol, I've been using the top of Car door glass for years to sharpen knives.

  3. Dude! you're a McGyver! great video

  4. Oscar Crespo says:

    just excelent thank you

  5. Texas Cowboy says:

    Excellent tips. Great video.

  6. Julia Marie says:

    If you ever need help with a project… check out Markate! All you have to do is submit what you want done and the pros call you. Try it out! You'll be glad you did!!!

  7. J K says:

    Good tricks….learned to tear paper with ruler edge in elementary school.

  8. Sean says:

    You sir are a pro!

  9. dmc0942 says:

    Great hacks and tips. Please lose the music though. Both annoying and distracting. Great video!!

  10. Jan Berger says:

    Nice video man. Keep making videos like this

  11. I wanted a firm bottom to a leather box. stripped some very thin plywood off a damaged indoor door. cut it to size (minus the thickness of the leather on edger all around) (bottom can be any shape: square, round, oval etc.). Then I sewed it slowly around the edge about 3/16 inch in from edge. Used my Claes machine but I bet any heavy-duty leather machine would work. Who'd a thought. Easy! (my younger daughter suggested I try it!)

  12. Nancy Wagner says:

    im a girl with shaky hands and im always doing some diy project. my little hack is that when you need to nail or screw something and keep dropping the screw, push it thru a piece of a box top or stiff paper and you can hold it in place and just rip the paper off when youre done. also helps when you are reaching up above your head to put in a screw and dont have a ladder handy. loved your video! thanks for all your ideas!

  13. I love the word "wood" on the wall in the opening few seconds. Really nice touch.

  14. Tim's World says:

    that's very helpful hacks thanks, man

  15. Jan Myers says:

    Thanks … I needed that! Especially the clamp ideas. I never have enough!

  16. Dan Breton says:

    every was good till the toothpaste

  17. Love the knife sharpening trick!

  18. The best ideas are always the simplest. Obvious once you see them, but I never thought of any of them. Thank you, Izzy.

  19. Just tap those wedges in, and make your joined pieces dance and move like a mf'er

  20. Danny Comsa says:

    "Everyone" puts two pieces of wood together to drill a straight hole using the joint of the two. That is a good idea – if you don't have a drill press or a drill guide to put on your drill.

    Why not just drill a straight hole in a block of wood, put it over what you need to drill straight, align the bit to the mark and drill straight down. This works when you can't get the piece on a drill press or have a drill guide.

    A 2×4 or 1×4 works for big and small drill bits away from the drill press and can make several hole sizes in each.

  21. Gene Moore says:

    Super tips, thank you.

  22. scott gray says:

    if you have ever stripped a screw head before you got all the way in take a drill and Chuck it down on the screw and back it out

  23. John Aitken says:

    dreadful bacgroud music unnecessary

  24. Oxnate says:

    Concise and informative. Thank you, sir.

  25. Rick Kephart says:

    I've seen a lot DIY hack videos over there years and most of them have been pretty lame, your's is by far the best and most useful. Even had to download a copy for future references. Thanks for sharing them.

  26. Sarah Kelly says:

    Awesome video!! These are so helpful!

  27. Steve Haire says:

    I wonder how this guy got those cuts and nicks on his hands?

  28. Noel Sundby says:

    Salt, coffee cups, toothpaste. Got it.


  30. How clever! I love YouTube! People are so creative! Very cool tips!

  31. Remember kids- don't drink coffee with the hand holding the razor blade.
    You'll poke an eye out.

    Thanks for the wedge tip. Very handy

  32. Hey friend, what's the name of the song you've got in the background that's starts at the beginning of the video?

  33. Sandy Young says:

    Great hacks wonderfully presented. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Mikee_Dredd says:

    In the UK we call this a 'bodge', not a hack. The council & various other trades have been doing this since WW2… until eventually they might fix it properly or you end up doing it yourself to contain peace of mind.

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